New Centres of Excellence – Glenbrook Primary School, Paxton Primary School, Cuddington Primary School, Kingsnorth CE Primary School, Lord Grey School, St James the Great RC Primary and Nursery School, Batchwood School, Newton Farm Nursery, Infant and Junior School, St Paul’s High School, St Andrew’s CE Primary School, Hollingworth Academy and Bailey Green Primary and Nursery School.

New Flagship Schools – Fairisle Infant & Nur Sch, East Hunsbury PS, Two Gates CPS, Westfield PS, Westfield Infant School, Hartsdown Academy, Holland Park School, Ravenhurst Primary School, Bensham Manor School and Canvey Junior School.

SEN Changes for 2014, summary and reflections; The Kent Pilot

Supporting Inclusive Practice – Increasing Life Chances

How Inclusive is your school? The IQM scheme will allow you to explore all aspects of education within the school and collate the information into a coherent holistic story. Don’t just take our word for it, have a look inside one of our IQM schools. The IQM process provides a complete audit of what is happening in a school in a form which is understandable to a broad audience. This has been further developed with the introduction of Centres of Excellence and Flagship Schools allowing schools to engage in research into aspects of Inclusion.  To see the locations of these schools please click on map.

Latest IQM News

Bailey Green Primary and Nursery School, North Tyneside

Congratulations to Kaye and all the team at Bailey Green »

Hollingworth Academy, Rochdale

Congratulations to Jane and all the team at Hollingworth Academy, »

St Andrew’s CE Primary School, Lambeth

Congratulations to Laurel and all the team at St Andrew’s »