New Centres of Excellence – St Louis School, Shortstown Primary School

New Flagship Schools – The Brookfield School and Specialist College, Bridgewater Primary School, St Helen’s Catholic Primary School

First IQM Centre of Excellence in Wales – Llanidloes High School, Powys

First IQM Centre of Excellence in N. Ireland -  St Louis School

Supporting Inclusive Practice – Increasing Life Chances

How Inclusive is your school. How do you know? The IQM scheme will allow you to explore all aspects of education within the school and collate the information into a coherent holistic story. Don’t just take our word for it, read what one of our IQM schools thinks. The IQM process provides a complete audit of what is happening in a school in a form which is understandable to a broad audience. This has been further developed with the introduction of Centres of Excellence and Flagship Schools allowing schools to engage in research into aspects of Inclusion.  

The site is developed as a resource to support thinking about Inclusive practices. Please use any ideas that support your school development.

Latest IQM News

Shortstown Primary School

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St Helen’s Catholic Primary School

Congratulations to Ann and all the team at St Helen’s »

Bridgewater Primary School

Congratulations to Frances and all the team at Bridgewater Primary »