Centres of Excellence

Centres of Excellence

New Opportunity for Existing IQM Schools

Introducing an exciting opportunity for schools to build on the success of being one of the very special schools which holds the Inclusion Quality Mark award. Over the past few months, we have been working on the idea of bringing schools together to share and build on their existing good practice in Inclusion. So we have introduced:-

Centres of Excellence

These centres of excellence determine for themselves who will be involved and to a large extent, the direction in which they choose to make progress. There is no upper limit to the number, so this can fit with cluster arrangements and local geographical proximity or it can allow schools to twin over distance with the specific aim of making further progress in this very important area of school life.

The criteria for the centres are as follows:-

A formalised grouping of two or more schools with a current IQM award who:-

Are committed to sustaining the Inclusion Quality Mark ethos through collaborative activities.
Have demonstrable plans to sustain and develop inclusive internal practice.
Have good mechanisms to disseminate and share good practice between the schools.
Have, or are able to develop, the capacity to share and disseminate good inclusion
practice across a broader cluster of schools.
Are willing to engage in classroom level research activity that explores inclusive practice.
Agree to have an annual Inclusion Quality Mark visit to ratify or validate the progress and develop an annual plan for development.
Agree to contribute an annual written update of progress against the ten elements as the basis for the annual review.
Are prepared to contribute to the overall development aims of Inclusion Quality Mark, supporting the need for expertise or trialling practice.
A copy of the detailed planning for sustained practice, details of classroom research, as well as a copy of plans for the dissemination of good practice will be lodged with Inclusion Quality Mark annually. The timing of annual assessor visits will be agreed. Contact details of a specific adviser will be sent from Inclusion Quality Mark. One hour of consultancy by telephone or email is included annually, subject to the annual payments being received.

For details of the process involved please see Centres of Excellence Process.

If you are interested in becoming part of a Centre of Excellence, please contact us by completing our online form Centre of Excellence or alternatively:-

Tel No: 02871 277 857 Fax No: 02871 277 860 Email: eilish@inclusionmark.co.uk.
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